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Ultra-Response Shovel

This collapsible shovel is an ideal addition to spill kits.

Cleaning up spills can be challenging, but having the right tools can make it easier. The Ultra-Response Shovel is a robust, non-sparking shovel that can be easily dismantled to fit inside most spill kits.


  • Durable construction enables the shoveling of granular sorbents, sludges, and contaminated soil.
  • Heavy-duty polyethylene (LLDPE) scoop offers excellent chemical resistance.
  • Large, sturdy, molded polyethylene (LLDPE) “D” grip handle ensures comfortable and secure handling.
  • Quick-release shaft breaks down easily for convenient storage and transport.
Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
CHUT0404Response Shovel - PE Scoop, Handle939254279.9


Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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