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Ultra-Spill Trays Line Pipe Tray

Capture leaks and drips from hose and pipe connections

The Ultra-Spill Trays Line Pipe Tray serves as both a “drip tray” and a support for hoses and pipe connections, tackling a common issue head-on. Often, these connections can develop leaks where they join other parts, typically due to factors like rust, not properly maintaining them, or fittings that are damaged.

This Inline Pipe Tray is made from durable yet lightweight all-polyethylene, capable of easily managing up to 15 litres of spillage. The tray is designed with special cutouts on top to securely hold hoses and pipes in place, preventing any movement that could worsen leaks.



  • Safeguard the environment from leaks in fuel and chemical pipe or hose connections.
  • Polyethylene construction eliminates rust and corrosion risks.
  • Two-channel sizes accommodate 63mm and 88mm pipes, ensuring versatility and secure placement.
  • Lightweight yet durable design facilitates easy movement and storage while guaranteeing long-lasting performance.
  • Built-in handles for effortless transport and portability.
  • Stackable for convenient shipping and storage.



Five-Year Warranty

Benefit from the industry’s most robust warranty, offering five years of protection against any defects in material or workmanship. Learn more. 

Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Containment Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHU5300Line Pipe Tray 736609235153


1. What is the line Pipe Tray made of?

It is made of 100% polyethylene. This material provides strength to support the pipes, has outstanding chemical resistance, and won’t corrode or rust.

2. What is the containment capacity of the tray?

It can hold up to 4 litres.

3. What size pipes can the tray ACCOMMODATE?

There are two different sizes of molded-in cutouts in the Line Pipe Tray, one can accommodate up to a 63mm pipe, and the other can accommodate up to an  88mm pipe.

4. Are these trays stackable?

Yes, the tray can be stacked to save storage and/or shipping space.

5. Is tit covered by a warranty?

Yes, it is covered by our 5-year warranty.


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