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Ultra-Drum Spill Pallet King

Unique design combines material handling capabilities with spill control

The Ultra-Drum Spill Pallet King seamlessly integrates top-notch spill containment and material handling features. This 4-drum spill containment pallet streamlines drum handling and containment by merging a forkliftable top pallet with a forkliftable bottom sump. Unlike conventional spill containment pallets and decks, the spill king features a 4-way forkliftable top grate, allowing easy movement of drums while keeping the sump (also 4-way forkliftable) in place when necessary. Recessed drum rings on the top grate prevent drum movement during transport. Additionally, the large 321 litres containment sump exceeds EPA  requirements for the storage of 205 litre drums.


  • Removable deck with 4-way forklift access and a 321 litres containment sump, enhancing safety in drum handling and storage.
  • Rugged polyethylene (LLDPE) construction offers a static load capacity of 2948kg.
  • Strategically position spill king basins to facilitate easy drum rotation and replacement using the forkliftable deck.
  • Safely double-stack drums to optimize floor space, with a note specifying that only 205L steel drums of equal height are permitted on the lower level, while polyethylene drums are restricted to the upper level.



Five-Year Warranty

Benefit from the industry’s most robust warranty, offering five years of protection against any defects in material or workmanship. Learn more. 

Ultra-Drum Spill Pallet KING

Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight Capacity (kg)Containment Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHUT0801Drum Spill Pallet King, No Drain 1,2951,2954452,94832250
CHUT0802Drum Spill Pallet King, With Drain1,2951,2954452,94832250


Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHUT3000801Drum Spill Pallet King Only1,2381,2381396,80426


1. What are the dimensions for the forklift pockets?
2. Can I move spill pallets with drums on them?

No, we do not recommend moving loaded pallets.

3. What type of drain is used for these pallets?

The standard drain is a threaded hole in the sidewall with a 19mm polyethylene plug with NPT threads installed.


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