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Prevent hose damage and maintain full capacity by keeping hoses off bund sidewalls

Ultra-Hose Stand was specifically designed to support fueling hoses and act as a bridge to ensure that containment bund sidewalls remain upright. This sturdy and durable hose stand can withstand the daily rigors of fueling operations, while being lightweight enough to be easily moved and stored. 


  • Helps maintain structural integrity and capacity by keeping hoses off containment bund sidewalls 
  • Versatile units can be used completely inside or outside of the bund or straddling the bund  with the sidewall running through the opening in the side support. 
  • Cutout in the top of the unit can handle up to 165mm  hoses. 
Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
CHUT8369Hose Stand, Heavy-Duty412235590


1. What is the Ultra-Hose Stand made from? 

The Ultra-Hose Stand is made from polyurea. 

2. What are the dimensions of the gap? 
    • The width of the opening at the bottom (red line) is 152mm 
    • The overall height of the opening (orange line) is 355mm 
    • The height of the straight vertical wall (green line) is 279mm 
3. Is the Ultra-Hose Stand available in custom colors? 

Contact our Sales Team for more information .

4. What is the weight capacity of the Ultra-Hose Stand? 

The Ultra-Hose Stand can hold up to 181kg.  This was determined using a load that was uniformly distributed across a 171.45 OD pipe.



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