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Rigid Bunds

Collapsible bund made for harsh conditions. 

Rigid Bund is a high-quality containment solution designed with the utmost precision and durability. This bund can withstand harsher conditions and resist punctures, tears, and abrasions. The sturdy walls supported by aluminium brackets reduce the risk of accidents brought by the collapse or deformation which normally happens to standard bunds when under pressure or filled with liquid. This makes them a safer option for storing hazardous materials.


  • UV Resistant
  • Heavy-duty XR-5 or PVC material
  • Internal marine grade aluminium brackets
  • Ideal for operations with minimal floor space
  • Quick deployment and easy clean
  • Portable and can be stored in bund bags when not in use
  • Can be fitted with drain ports to provide pump out access
  • Suitable for a wide range of chemicals including most hydrocarbons and many acids
  • Custom made to order


  • Wash down bays
  • Drive on and drive off fuel transfer areas
  • Secondary containment for chemical and spillage
  • Decanting station chemical containment
  • Servicing area for vehicles and heavy machinery
  • Temporary bunding for plant & equipment which have may have a spill risk
  • Bunded storage of IBCs, drums, ISO tanks, shipping containers, equipment or anything that might leak or spill

As a permanent or temporary liquid containment bund, some common uses include tank bund, ISO tank bund, IBC bund, drum storage bund, generator bund and 20′ or 40′ container bund. Virtually any type of container or equipment could be stored in the bund when used as a secondary containment option to be compliant with AS 1940.


To make them even easier to use, the Collapsible Bunds can be supplied with a:

  • Ground mat to increase their durability in harsh environments;
  • Carry bag to make it easy to move and store the bund (carry bags suitable to lift on fork);
  • Liner for added protection against punctures or harsh chemicals;
  • Repair kit to keep you operating in the case of a puncture or small tear.


How to Choose the Right Size of Collapsible Rigid Bund

These portable spill containment berms can be manufactured to any size to a maximum of 20m x 15m. Here are some tips to choosing the size:

  • Increase the spill bund capacity or make a smaller footprint by choosing a higher wall. Options are 300mm or 500mm high.
  • Think about the footprint. The portable bund will be 1m wider and 1m longer than the internal measurement. A ground mat will require a little more space to the bund footprint.

Remember to leave space to:

  • Walk around inside the collapsible bund if necessary.
  • Fold down a wall for forklift loading the bund.
  • Give cranes ample clearance to drop in contents.
  • Open doors (such as a container door which swings out in a semi circle).
  • Attach hoses to equipment or vehicles inside the spill bund.
  • Add a pump for draining the liquid containment bund.
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