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Ultra-Drum Funnel Burp Free MODEL

Built-in vent – no more splashing or “burping” when pouring liquids

The Ultra-Drum Funnel, Burp-Free Model is a specialised tool designed to facilitate the pouring of liquids from closed-head or tight-head drums. It is constructed to be screwed into the drum’s 50mm bung and has a large pouring target, making it easier to pour liquids smoothly and accurately. The built-in venting system ensures that the pouring process is free of any splashback or “burping”, allowing for a clean and efficient transfer of liquids.



  • Threaded brass inserts screws into 50mm drum bung.
  • All-polyethylene construction won’t rust or corrode – provides excellent chemical resistance.
  • A hinged, lockable lid prevents unauthorised access.
  • The larger style provides a bigger pouring area and easy access.


Ultra-Drum Funnel Burp-Free MODEL

Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
CHUT0651Burp-Free, Standard3393392792
CHUT0656Burp-Free Large5585582923


1. What kind of threads are used with the funnel?

The standard size funnel uses buttress threads, and the large funnel uses NPT (National Pipe Thread). 

2. Does this mean I don’t have to vent through the 19mm bung now?

Yes, that is correct.  Because of the built-in vent in the funnel, no further venting is necessary.

3. Is an adapter included to use the burp-free funnel with IBCs?

The Ultra-Drum Funnel, Burp-Free Model is designed for a 50mm NPT bung and does not come with any additional adapters. Adapters for IBC or other containers with different-sized bungs or thread types will need to be obtained separately.



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