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Ultra-Drum Funnel Bung Access Model

Protect against spills, splashes and leaks with the only drum-top funnel that provides access to the 19mm drum bung

The Ultra-Drum Funnel, Bung Access Model, is designed to fit securely on any 205-liter drum and prevent splashes and leaks from contaminated liquids. Its zig-zag channeled surface diffuses splashes, while the level surfaces allow filters, paint cans, buckets, and bottles to stand upright while draining. With easy access to the 19mm bung, you can install a pop-up liquid level gauge to monitor waste levels and avoid overfilling. This helps prevent messes and allows you to plan ahead for drum removal.



  • Zig-zag channeled surface to diffuse splashing.
  • Level surfaces enable paint cans, buckets and bottles to stand upright while draining passively.
  • A lockable lid for secure drum management.
  • Measures 736mm width by 660mm-19mm depth by 228mm-12mm


Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Containment Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHUT0482Bung Access Funnel with Spout600600139224


Product CodeDescriptionProduct Image
CHUT0485Snap-On Cover 0485-0498 Snap on Cover
CHUT9985Pop Up Fill Gauge for 19mm Bungpop-up-fill-gauge-sm


1. Why is it called a “bung access” funnel?

“Bung access” in the name of this funnel refers to the fact that even though it is a drum top funnel that completely covers the top of the drum and provides a huge pouring target, the unique half-moon cutout allows visual access to the 19mm bung.

2. What is the Ultra-Funnel made from?

The Ultra-Funnel is made from low-density polyethylene.

3. What’s the deal with the scalloped design?

The scalloped design inside of the funnel has a two-fold purpose. First, it provides a flat/level surface for containers to sit on. Leaky/drippy containers will have any leaking material funneled back into the drum. Containers can also be turned upside down so they can passively drain into the drum. Secondly, the scalloped design prevents poured liquids from splashing back which can be hazardous to exposed skin, face, and eyes.

4. Can the Ultra-Drum Funnel be used with a pump that screws into the drum’s 50mm bung?

Yes, but it requires a specific version of the funnel. Contact our Sales Team for more information.

5. Does the Ultra-Drum Funnel lock onto the drum?

The funnel has a recessed ring for use with a 205L drum and another recessed ring for use with a 113L drum. While the rings don’t physically lock the funnel in place, they prevent it from sliding around or falling off.

6. Will the Ultra-Drum Funnel work with 113L drums?

Yes. It is designed to work with 205L and 113L.


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