Floating Baffles for a Brine Pond

Supply, delivery and install of a floating baffle system to increase retention times within the brine pond. Project Overview Date: August, 2011 Location: Spring Gully, Queensland, Australia Features Summary Boom Length: 150m Boom Material: UV Resistant 900gsm PVC Float: Closed Cell PE Foam Ballast:  8mm Galvanised Chain Project Summary Spring Gully is a coal seam […]

Environmental risks facing the Mining industry

Chatoyer understands the environmental risks facing the mining industry. To assist your environmental protection efforts, we have compiled a list of potential risks facing your industry and corresponding product solutions to help your organisation protect its environment. ON-SHORE MINING RISKS Do you operate hydraulic equipment or machinery? Issue: Any hydraulic equipment has the potential to […]

How to control silt during construction projects

Chatoyer Silt Curtain Environmental Compliance for Marine Construction

Land based construction companies and developers face a myriad of environmental concerns, many of which revolve around how to control silt and prevention of silt and sediment running into the drains and waterways. Storm water management needs to become one of the elements of a project that the developer addresses in the planning stage. Too […]