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Industrial Strength Debris Boom for a Stormwater Canal

Chatoyer designed and fabricated a floating debris boom for a stormwater canal that withstood the strong flow rates in the canal. An old malfunctioning boom from another supplier was removed and the new Chatoyer industrial debris boom (shown) installed in it’s place.

Project Overview

Date: August, 2010

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Features Summary

Boom Length:20.0m long
Boom Material: 
UV Resistant Geomembrane
Closed Cell PE Foam
8mm Galvanised chain 
Heavy Duty Universal connectors

Project Summary

  • Canals running alongside industrial areas can contain a large volume of contaminants that should be blocked and managed.
  • These canals can generate significant flows and hence ill designed and fabricated booms will not withstand the forces and will malfunction.
  • A Chatoyer boom was designed, manufactured and installed and successfully met the requirements to trap debris and withstand the canal flow rate.

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