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Specialised Textile Fabrication

Australian Made. Expert Manufacturing. Exceptional Products.

Here at Chatoyer, we are proud of our reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of products made from industrial, specialised textiles.  

An Australian owned and operated business based in Sydney, we are focused on offering quality, specialised textile fabrication in Sydney that meet the needs of both the national and global markets. We have a long history of exceeding our customers’ expectations and invest heavily into our ever-expanding wealth of resources, knowledge, and highly qualified staff.

We offer everything from our in-demand signature products, to custom designed products using our extensive expertise, world-class materials, and first-rate manufacturing processes. Our clients trust us to produce high quality, reliable products that are designed to meet their customers’ needs. Our focus on quality ensures we consistently deliver products that perform well in the field.

We actively seek to build cohesive supply partnerships, manufacturing products for applications in a wide range of industries such as defence, civil, construction, mining, oil and gas, transport, ports, dredging, marine, healthcare, industrial, and agriculture. 

Chatoyer Flexible Tank with Team

Australian Made. Expert Manufacturing. Exceptional Products.

Prevent silt and sediment pollution during construction activities. Sediment control products for use on land, in drain pits and in waterways.
Spill kits, absorbents and other spill response products to clean up a hazardous liquid spill on land or water.
Portable bunding, containment booms and floor bunding products to contain spills on remote work sites and in facilities that store liquids.
A wide range of floating boom systems to contain oil spills in canals, dams, lakes, creeks, rivers and open ocean.

Bladders, liners and open tank systems for permanent and temporary containment of water, liquid waste and chemicals.

Leak diverters, booms and flood barriers to redirect water and mitigate flood damage to property. Coffer dams are used to create dry areas for construction works.
Custom designed to suit your needs across a wide range of industries. Products include storage bags, carry bags, slings, ground mats, equipment covers, mattress covers.
Products to stop debris, rubbish, chemicals and spills from entering the stormwater system. Weed booms are designed to manage weed in waterways.

Why Choose Chatoyer


Our in-house design team utilise our specialised industry knowledge, materials, and equipment to create and adapt products to meet the demanding requirements set by our customers.

Customer Focused

Our customer service is second-to-none. We focus on relationships. We provide product training and work with customers to achieve the prices they need and the results they expect.

Highest Quality

We focus on continuous quality improvement through soliciting customer feedback, evolving designs and evaluating processes. We understand that product quality and reliability is key.


We constantly invest in our people and equipment, expand our industry knowledge, employ the latest production methods, source the best materials and explore new technologies.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

We want to build partnerships to support specialised textile product sales in Australia and abroad. Thinking about reselling our exceptional products? Considering outsourcing your fabrication? Talk to us today and we can discuss options and share more about our capabilities.

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