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Ultra-Flood Control

Sandless sandbags protect property against floods, leaks, and other liquid emergencies.

The Ultra-Flood Control is an innovative sandless sandbag that utilises advanced technology to form a highly effective water barrier, capable of protecting residential, commercial, and industrial properties against floods and other liquid emergencies. This product offers superior performance over traditional sandbags, as it is designed to be quicker and easier to deploy, and to provide a more stable and durable barrier. The Ultra-Flood Stopper® is an essential tool for any flood prevention and emergency response system, as it can help mitigate damage and protect assets in the face of unforeseen circumstances.




  • Easy-to-use and transport – bags and tubes weigh approximately one pound each and measure 305 x 610mm before being activated with fresh water.
  • Sturdy construction – Passes multiple drop tests from 1 metre.
  • Quick acting – In 2.5 – 3.5 minutes, the bag fills to capacity, ready to prevent floods and leakage from causing damage.
  • Engineered consistency – designed and built to maintain a consistent shape throughout the Bag or Tube. The Ultra-Flood Controls use an ingenious and patent pending method for assuring the complete distribution of the water-absorbing polymer granules, when activated.
  • Fills to approximately 102mm 13.6 kg
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, and can be disposed of at local landfill.

Ultra-Flood Control

Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight (kg)
CHUT5430Flood Control Bag 6-Pack61013445Unactivated: .27 Activated: 14
CHUT5435Flood Contol Tubes Black, 2-Pack1,5241,20313Unactivated: .27 Activated: 9
CHUT5437Flood Control Tubes Black, 1-Pack3,04820313Unactivated: .54 Activated: 18

OPTIONal staging pool

Product CodeLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Containment Capacity (L)


1. How many Ultra-Flood Controls do I need?

To determine the number of Flood Controls needed, you must consider the length of the area to be protected, the expected flood height, and the flow velocity. Based on these factors, you can estimate the required thickness, height, and length of the wall. It is recommended to use more Ultra-Flood Controls than required to ensure your system can handle the expected flood event.

 2. How do I dispose of the Ultra-Flood Controls?

Once the threat of a flood is gone, remove the Flood Controls and dispose of properly (Standard refuse pick-up is normally acceptable).

3. Can I use salt or fresh water to activate the Ultra-Flood Stoppers?

Never use salt water to activate the Ultra-Flood Control as it will negatively affect its ability to activate and swell. Only use fresh water. Wrap walls in plastic sheeting to minimise saltwater contact if used where salt water may be present in the flood waters. Avoid use where calcium and lime may be present.

 4. What if road salt is present where I want to use the Ultra-Flood Control?

To protect Ultra-Flood Controls from road salt, place them on plastic sheeting that is wide and long enough to fit under them and wrap up and over the wall facing the salt. Tuck the excess plastic wraps in between the sides of Flood Controls that are facing away from the road salt.

 5. How long can I use Ultra-Flood Stoppers, are they reusable?

Ultra-Flood Stoppers can be kept in cool, dry storage for years, before use. Keep it in sealed poly bags for best results.

6. Are there any special instructions for use in winter, snowy or freezing conditions?

Yes, activate and set it in advance of freezing temperatures. Do not move the Ultra-Flood Controls if frozen to prevent damage and loss of contents.

 7. Will Ultra-Flood Control only hold back water?

Ultra-Flood Controls can be used to hold back water, oil, and some chemicals.

8. How fast will Ultra-Flood Controls fill?

It will activate faster if there is more water in the bin or temporary pool as the head pressure of the water will speed up the activating and fill process. Multiple units placed into a smaller container will slow the activation time. Agitating/moving the Ultra-Flood Controls when in bins of water a few times during filling will help speed up the process. Normally you can expect a fill time of 2.5 to 5 minutes on the factors mentioned above.

9. What is the reusability of Ultra-Flood Controls?

It can be used for up to three months, but they will lose height and weight due to evaporation. You can recharge them by hosing down the wall or allowing slow-rising flood waters to fill them up. However, it is not recommended to activate Ultra-Flood Controls that are in place but not activated by allowing heavier or faster moving floods, as this could cause them to be moved by wind or flood waters, creating holes and inconsistent performance.

10. Can I drive over Ultra-Flood Control?

No. Driving over activated Ultra-Flood Control is not recommended as they can be damaged and unusable. Avoid driving over it in any stage of activation.

11. How long can Ultra-Flood Controls be stored before use?

It can be kept in cool, dry storage for years, prior to use. Keep it in sealed poly bags for best results.

 12. Can any part of the Flood Control be repurposed?

The inside contents (super absorbent polymer) of the Ultra-Flood Control can be removed prior to disposing it and used as a soil amendment to help retain water in gardens and landscaping.

13. What if I do not use the Ultra-Flood Control properly?

Use it at your own risk. Since the company cannot oversee the proper deployment of Ultra-Flood Stoppers, it can assume no responsibility for water or any other damage due to the use of the product.


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