Remedial Floor Sweep

SpilMax Remedial Floor Sweep sample pile

SpilMax® Remedial Floor Sweep is designed for use on soil such as lawn areas and any location where soil has been contaminated and requires treatment on the spot. It is a bio-remediation product so when added to contaminated soil, the enzymatic action of the bacteria accelerates the natural decomposition of hydrocarbons, effectively returning the altered environment to its original condition; with no disposal costs.



SpilMax® Remedial is designed for use on dirt or land such as sporting venues, lawned areas and any location where soil has been contaminated and requires treatment on the spot. Industries that often use this product are:
  • Utilities
  • Golf Courses
  • Agricultural
  • Construction

Basic Instructions – How to Use Remedial Floor Sweep

  1. Spread Remedial Floor Sweep over the hydrocarbon spill with a hard fill broom. Apply 1-2 bags of SpilMax® Remedial (10 kg bags) for each cubic metre of contaminated soil, and till into the soil as thoroughly as possible. Where areas of higher contamination are visible, increase the amount of SpilMax® Remedial applied accordingly.
  2. Mix Spilmax Remedial into the contaminated soil with non spark rake or shovel etc. Dampen the soil during the tilling procedure to reduce dusting and promote migration of hydrocarbon particles into the absorbent. Do not till SpilMax® Remedial into soil deeper than 1 metre as it then becomes difficult to till the soil/SpilMax® Remedial mixture completely and oxygen may become limiting, affecting the remediation rate. If the soil contamination is deeper than 1 metre, then a partial or total ex-situ application may be necessary.
  3. Water the area (about 30% Moisture) and do not allow it to dry out during the next 14 days
  4. Spilmax Remedial may be left to biodegrade with no adverse effects. During this time it will bioremediate the oil. 

SpilMax Remedial may be used to absorb other liquid spills. However these other liquids may not be bioremediated and should be disposed of in accordance with local government regulations. 

Caution – do not use on strong oxidizers, acid, caustic liquid.

SpilMax REmedial Floor sweep 10kg bag


Product Information
Pallets only: 72 bags

Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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