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Ultra-IBC Hard Top Steel Model

Prevents fluid leaks from vehicles and equipment, avoiding environmental harm and fines.

An essential tool for towing, construction, and mining companies, the Ultra-Spill Diaper is crucial in preventing environmental damage and fines from leaks and spills. Designed to contain oils, fuels, and anti-freeze, it safeguards both the environment and your business. Add the Ultra-Spill Diaper to your on-site spill kit or keep it readily available in your vehicle’s cab for immediate use.



  • Storage and spill containment for one IBC (intermediate bulk container), tank, or tote.
  • Lockable door provides secure storage and prevents theft and unauthorised access.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction (52L painted sump, 60L galvanised top) provides years of service.
  • 100% leak-free tested.

Product Code


Length mm

Width mm

Height mm

Weight Capacity kg

Containment Capacity L

Product Weight kg

CHUT 1185

Steel IBC Hard Top

1,930 Door:1,320







1. What kind of steel is used to make the Ultra-IBC Hard Top?

The spill pallet is constructed of 14-gauge painted steel and the top is constructed with 16-gauge galvanised steel.

2. Will this spill pallet help meet regulations and stay in compliance?

Yes, the Ultra-IBC Hard Top is designed with enough containment capacity to help meet EPA spill containment regulations.

3. Why would I use a steel spill pallet instead of polyethylene?

The Ultra-IBC Hard Top, Steel Model can withstand extreme temperatures and fire if that is a concern in the facility where the pallet is being used.

 4. Can the grating be removed for inspection or cleanup?

Yes, the grating can be removed to access the containment sump for periodic inspections or cleaning of spills.

5. What is the best way to move the Ultra-IBC Hard Top?

This spill pallet can be moved with a forklift or pallet jack. It should never be moved with storage containers inside.

6. Is the Ultra-IBC Hard Top lockable?

Yes, the pallet can be locked with a standard padlock to keep contents secure or restrict access.


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